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E-book - Build your Social Media Calendar

As an entrepreneur it is important to learn how to plan your Social Media Calendar in order to successfully launch your new collections or services during important events.


After all, how can you expect your reach to increase and your content to be read or discovered by your desired target audience? If you don't address everything in a timely manner, you are letting huge opportunities (including money) pass you by!


In this e-book Social Media expert Cindy Van Dyck explains you the different steps to create a Social Media Calendar. 


What can you expect?


  • Start preparing your calendar
  • Tools to prepare and plan
  • Plan everything in advance
  • What you should not forget
  • Be ahead of your competition

E-book - Build your Social Media Calendar

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Blogzine Academy does not accept any returns, neither applies refunds after buying one of the e-books.

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