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E-book - Seasonal Social Media Campaigns

The important sales days, every entrepreneur knows them. From Mother's Day to the Sales Period, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Communions and Black Friday. They are all scheduled one by one in your Social Media Calendar so you can communicate about them.

But running a successful Social Media profile, or multiple profiles, also requires a calendar in which you indicate well in advance when you will start working on these important dates. That way you have time to prepare your publications, website, imagery, news letters, and more. And that is when we start working on Seasonal Campaigns!

Because if you work these out properly you will not only be ahead of your competition, you will also ensure that you can better predict and guarantee your income for the coming months.

This e-book is best used as a follow up to the e-book "Build your Social Media Calendar".

Here is  what can you expect:

  • Everything you need to know about Seasonal Campaigns
  • 9 original Campaign ideas which you can work out 
  • Key Takeaways

E-book - Seasonal Social Media Campaigns

14,99 €Prijs

Blogzine Academy does not accept any returns, neither applies refunds after buying one of the e-books.

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