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E-book - E-books as a Passive Income

When you position yourself as a (personal) brand on the market, it's nice when everything starts to fall into place. Your products or services get the visibility they need, your income becomes more stable and you gain credibility. Once you've reached that step it's of course time to further develop your skills as an entrepreneur and to secure your income even more.

One of the most efficient ways to do this we discuss today in this e-book. Namely, creating and selling e-books. And Social Media expert Cindy Van Dyck is going to help you step by step to realize this.

In this e-book we explain the different steps to create an e-book that will sell!  
What can you expect?

  • Why e-books are an ideal passive income
  • The basics of a good e-book
  • How to create a good layout
  • Everything about copywriting

E-book - E-books as a Passive Income

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Blogzine Academy does not accept any returns, neither applies refunds after buying one of the e-books.

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