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Last year in July Blogzine Academy hosted it's very first Digital Bootcamp. And guess what, WE'RE BACK! 

On July 20th and July 27th we have our two evenings planned and you can be part of this digital experience. 

What to expect at a digital bootcamp? 


  • group sessions & breakout rooms
  • a lot of creative input & ideas 
  • digital networking


Topic of the 2022 Digital Bootcamp:


This Digital Bootcamp will be all about Black Friday. Why Black Friday now, since it's in November, you might ask? 


The main reason is that we are entrepreneurs (and most of us solo entrepreneurs) that have a lot to do every day. And before you know it important marketing and sales opportunities are missed because we simply forgot to plan ahead. 

This Digital Bootcamp you will learn how to create a marketing & social media campaign that gets the most out of your Black Friday (or any other sales period) by simply following a few steps. 


This bootcamp will follow a proven marketing and sales strategy that led our members towards 300% more sales during Black Friday than before. 


So don't miss this opportunity and register today. Early bird (20% discount) ends on July 8th. After that the price is € 499, excl VAT. Only 10 spots for non members available. 


The Bootcamp is free for Blogzine Academy members. You can sign up to become a member here. 


499,00 € Normale prijs
399,20 €Verkoopprijs
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