How wonderful would it be to receive such news? 
Well, it could happen! 

The Blogzine Academy is back with the 7 DAY BUSINESS BOOTCAMP in the Dominican Republic giveaway (including flight and accommodation) for our members. But this time we have created a newer, better version, with more ways to gain points and get you higher up the score board. 

As a Blogzine Academy member you can get points for whatever it is you do to promote and help grow the Blogzine Academy. But in order to be eligible to win, you must have received at least 10 points in total before December 31st.

How to get points?

This is the new reward system: 

If you create a video (testimonial) about you being a proud member of the Blogzine Academy including a short explanation why you would recommend it to someone, you get 1 POINT

If you convince someone to sign up for a Masterclass, you get 2 POINTS

If you convince someone to take a publication subscription* on Blogzine.be, you get 3 POINTS

If you convince someone to become a (paying) columnist* (for a minimum of 6 months) you get 5 POINTS

If you convince someone to become a Blogzine Academy member (Long Shot or Smart Shot) you get 5 POINTS

There will be an extra reward of 1 point every week for the person who is the most active on social media (the person who tells the most stories, or posts the most publications about the Blogzine Academy memberships, masterclasses, e-books) from now until December 31st. which means you can gain a total of 7 POINTS. 

*Ask us more information about this through e-mail or Whatsapp. 

Score board

Margaux Poppe

Nathalie Baeckelmans

Ellen Kennes

Maxime Thys





Good news!
You are going to the Dominican Republic!