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Blogzine Academy

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Are you an entrepreneur who loves to learn how to do things yourself? Are you the type of entrepreneur who rather spends money on other things than weekly invoices from freelancers for the smallest things? 

Then you have come to the right place. Because here you pay once per year* for all the support you need during the whole year. We teach you how to handle problems yourself, or how to think strategically about your business. We even help you develop a marketing masterplan and we help you actually stick to it. During the personal coachings or work sessions we zoom in on the topics that you need help with.
And if you still have the time and desire, you can attend a free Masterclass every two weeks or download an e-book whenever you want.

How can we help you?

At Blogzine we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whenever we get you on board as a new member, you get our expert advise and help catered to your business and needs.


At Blogzine Academy, you ...

  • book a session whenever you want

  • ask as many questions as you want

  • get answers immediately

  • you get things done yourself

  • get 7/7 support (call  or chat)

Team of two - just for you

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Marketing & Business Expert
Angelo Vero

"Doing business without a clear goal and a long-term game plan, will only lead you towards a lot of work, but no actual results!"
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Social Media & Branding Expert
Cindy Van Dyck

"It's not about posting daily. Social Media is about inspiring people, sharing knowledge or just being a fun place for people to come to online."
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  • Instagram
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Choose your membership plan

  • Best deal

    Smart Shot

    Normally €2300. Temporarily reduced until September 30th.
    Valid for one year
    • online private platform
    • two-weekly Masterclasses and online courses​
    • 24 coaching sessions
    • 4 articles on blogzine.be
    • google & SEO training​
    • e-books
    • 7/7 support
    • daily inspiration - tips & tricks
    • personalised business trajectories
    • VAT not included
  • Light Shot

    Normally €1750. Temporarily reduced until September 30th.
    Valid for one year
    • 24 coaching sessions
    • 2 articles on Blogzine.be
    • 1 free Masterclass of choice
    • 7/7 support
    • personalised business trajectories
    • VAT not included

Things we teach at Blogzine Academy

If you have questions or need help with one or more of these topics. Then you can ask all of them during your personal sessions or during the master classes. We also have more than 15 e-books available for you at this time.



  • draw up a marketing plan

  • determine strategies and budgetting

  • setting up advertising

  • target group analysis

  • creating ads and funneling

  • keyword strategy

  • SEO and SEA

  • setting up newsletters and automations



  • sales plan development

  • sales PDF and brochures

  • old calling/cold emailing

  • sales team training

  • facebook pixel and verification

  • Google Analytics analysis

  • UTM tagging



  • wireframe for developer

  • UX analysis

  • website review 

  • Shopify settings 

  • Wix customizations and apps


Social Media

  • analyzing platforms and determining frequency in publications

  • setting the tone of voice

  • feed and image building

  • developing social media planning

  • developing social media campaigns

  • hashtag strategy

  • reels strategy


Press & media relations

  • preparation PR plan

  • setting up press kit

  • compilation of press list/press contacts

  • writing press releases

  • define and develop influencer campaigns

  • finding influencers and analyzing profiles

  • drawing up contracts

  • campaign reporting


Entrepreneurial skills

  • planning and time management training

  • setting company targets

  • drawing up a five year plan

  • budget planning

  • file for investments